Cargo Pump Industry


An innovative spirit that guides and the power of technology that enablesCARGO PUMP INDUSTRIES has been a prominent  manufacturer of water pumps. When it comes to performance, innovation and quality, CARGO PUMP INDUSTRIES  has constantly set benchmarks for its competitors. Accredited with ISO 9001-2015, ISI certification.  we manufacture in excess of many variants of water pumps that include centrifugal pumps, vertical as well as horizontal open-well, submersible motors, submersible pumps, domesticl pumps, etc. every product of ours has been engineered to perfection by expert hands. company is committed to become an innovator and the standard for excellence and quality.

CARGO  PUMP INDUSTRIES has received star rating from the Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Ministry of Power, and Government of India.  We believe that simply innovating is not sufficient and implementing the innovations is the need of the hour. Our research and development department has taken up this task of innovating and chalking out the complete path of implementing the new and creative solutions that they design. The path of innovative thought process is set upon an extensive study of the market and we use the most practiced research methodologies to understand the market.

Every employee of the company is a catalyst in the success story and this is because they have a sense of belonging towards the organization and these shows in their commitment to work and quality. CARGO PUMP INDUSTRIES has adopted various quality control techniques to ensure zero wastage and 100% efficiency. CARGOPUMP INDUSTRIES  is built on the four pillars of COMMITMENT, HARD WORK, INTEGRITY and PERSEVERANCE.


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